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Embark on a colorful underwater adventure in the Andaman Sea. Explore stunning reefs and diverse marine life with a focus on sustainable tourism.

Colorful Corals

Seafan Garden - Pink Rock - Nemo House

Local Style

Freediving with Fisherman

Glowing Plankton

Plankton - Sun Set - Sea Food

Private Boat

Private Day Trip Long tail Boat

Community-based Ecotourism

Urak Lawoi

The Urak Lawoi Sea Nomad community at Tambon Saladan is a waterfront community and one of the original sea-dwelling ethnic groups. In the village of Toh Bab Liew, they have settled down and live in traditional seaside stilt bungalows. The villagers make a living primarily by fishing, which is the main occupation of the community. Despite the increasing influence of tourism in the area, the local people have not had equal opportunities. WheretogoLanta was established to assist in cultural preservation and promote new tourism opportunities that allow tourists to actively engage with the local people. It aims to create an inclusive tourism experience where visitors can participate in activities with knowledgeable local hosts. The sea is better understood through the eyes of those who have lived their lives with it, like the Urak Lawoi people. All activities conducted by the community aim to support local businesses and empower the people of the region.

What's Good to Explore on Koh Lanta"

The Enchantment of Koh Lanta

Koh Lanta is a uniquely special island, renowned for its incredibly rich underwater world. Some might argue that to truly witness its depths, one needs to scuba dive into the sea. However, on Koh Lanta, even snorkeling allows you a glimpse. If you want a closer look, free diving is an option, and there are some areas with great visibility. The abundance of marine life is astonishing, featuring vibrant coral reefs, seahorses, bioluminescent plankton, expansive mangrove forests, caves, hills, and the harmonious way of life of the local communities. The cultural diversity and peaceful coexistence contribute to the charm of Koh Lanta.